How to Deal with Uncertainty? — Treevangang diaries

I’d like to share with you a personal story about dealing with uncertainty.
I decided to write about it now since I believe many of us can relate to the current situation of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. I’m not going to try to change you or tell you what to do, but rather share a personal experience that helps me live a happy and healthy life.

About 10 months ago I went on the Vanlife adventure on the European coastline. I visited several Countries and Cities, meet many great people and surfed some sick waves. At the beginning of the journey, I needed to rearrange the way of thinking, by letting go of the habits that did not serve me anymore. As every journey inside yourself begins, it began from realization.

Firstly, I realized that I tend to get excited about future plans, subconsciously constructing the scenario. There is nothing wrong with doing that, although at some point you might lose the joy of surprise or rather entice disappointments. Hence, I’ve set a goal to don’t make assumptions don’t expect how things will proceed, and accept everything I get a chance to experience. Even though I had general plans for my journey, I’ve decided to make my plans flexible, and let the flow direct my trip.

Once I let things go, not trying to always rationalize my decisions, magical things started to happen. Starting on the Sardinia island, a series of spontaneous decisions led me to meet amazing people that were like a puzzle automatically filling the gaps. There was a perfect timing which no plan could account for. Finally, I’ve discovered that there are things in the world you can’t change.. so why waste your precious energy on trying to do that?

It’s not always sunny and mellow, just like with waves, sometimes you get smashed. Looking back I’ve always tried to avoid challenging, problematic situations, but now I’m grateful for all of them. Mankind has the tendency of learning and growing out of a tough, painful time. Embrace any challenge you are fortunate to experience. After you deal with it, life will taste better!

Keeping the balance

There are many activities you can do to find inner peace. It’s all individual, yet it is proven that physical activity and mindfulness meditation reduces stress, anxiety and has a generally positive impact on mental health. What works for me is, daily sport combined with breathing techniques (Wim Hof), meditation, and yoga. Lately, I’m also using cold showers in the morning, which is great for strengthening the immune system.



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